Krivit nailed ITER with charges of perpetrating active fraud to the public. In 
the face of the facts they have made a few changes (not enough) which is an 
embarrassment to the vocal supporters of this fraud - who immediately tried to 
slime Krivit.

However, ITER is not being  proactive and they are allowing fraudulent claims 
to be made by their supporters and various PR groups. You can do search and see 
how many journals including Nature and Sci-Am are still mindlessly repeating 
the fraud of low input power which was being perpetrated. The must RETRACT.

This is BIG SCIENCE at its worst. At the end of the day – there is an 
overriding economic limitation, even if they can get to breakeven: Tritium fuel 
cannot be economically replenished in any kind of large scale scenario - and no 
other option comes as close to breakeven. The emperor has no cloths.

IOW the true cost of tritium as a fuel component dooms magnetic confinement 
systems to being non-competitive with solar and wind. Even if there were no 
capital costs, the true cost of tritium make power from this system less 
affordable than solar+battery storage.

Get used to it – magnetic confinement of D+T plasma is brain dead. The sad 
thing is that many of the scientists involved acknowledge the tritium shortfall 
problem as well other economic problems that doom this type of fusion – but 
they still plod on as if it were the only alternative.. This type of fusion has 
become a self-perpetuating myth.

For more details on the tritium shortfall and other economic problem see

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