The spectra of hydrinoes match that spectra of cosmic radiation coming from the 
Milky Way and elsewhere per Mills.  See the following:

In addition  kIM’s presentation identifying the prediction of WIPMZILLAS at 
10e-24 eV would not be found by CERN.

Bob Cook

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Dark-matter hunt fails to find the elusive particles

Physicists begin to embrace alternative explanations for the missing material.

Frank Wilczek surveys searches for his favorite dark matter alternative

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iF wimps existed, the LHC would have created them my now...sadly no wimps.

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For in update on dark matter ideas and experiments see:

In the Milky  Way it may be that the cosmic EM radiation is the annihilation of 
the particles making up dark matter at the center.  Wimps and anti wimps are 
suggested given the energy of the cosmic rays..

Bob Cook

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