Whoever provided the subject heading for this thread must have learned to spell 
from Dan Quayle (former VP)… big grin.

One a slightly more serious not - interesting News from BLP turned up on 
another forum…


This is a job offering for Lead Mechanical Engineer at BLP. 

The implication is that the present Lead Mechanical Engineer either quit or was 

Given the salary is good, the only reason one quits this kind of company at 
such a critical time is when they see the hopelessness of the technology.

If the present Lead Mechanical Engineer was fired this could mean that he is 
being held responsible for the current lack of progress in bringing anything to 
market or even to bring some tiny bit of credibility to the company - since 
they have almost no credibility in Academia or the Energy sector. 

It would be interesting if that person who is being replaced were to surface 
and provide some info on what is really going on at BLP - but chances are that 
his/her silence has been bought with a generous golden parachute. 

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