Before NASA wastes too much of their precious R&D on buggy wip technology,
it is time for the Quark to take center stage in powering space exploration
and settlement. Replacing the fission heat source in Kilopower is a no
brainer. Safety Certification is obviously not required for this technology
and the R&D resources of NASA can be used to jumpstart the LENR reactor
home use business when a LENR Kilopower based product is eventually
configured. Rossi should get some NASA engineers over to his demo.Once they
see the Quark in action, they will configure Kilopower property with a LENR
heat source.

NASA's new sterling heat convertor for is a highly efficient, low mass,
reliable power convertor for future Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS)

(38% greater than 80 W output power), low mass (1.3 kg), hermetic sealing.

[image: ASC-E2.jpg]

[image: ASC-layout.jpg]

[image: Four-ASC-1-convertors.jpg]

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