Even if the Mill's  SunCell based power plant is destine to power autos as
a prime application, the lack of fuel combustion would minimize violations,
Ceramics might be a workable solution to higher efficiency.

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> >The kilopower system runs at 800C at an efficiency of 38%. It delivers
> heat
> >from the nuclear fuel via sodium heat pipes.
> >
> >permalink.lanl.gov/object/tr?what=info:lanl-repo/lareport/LA-UR-17-21903
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> >Would it be possible to use refractory material in the construction of the
> >engine to get its operating temperature up higher?
> Possibly. At one point the Japanese(?) were designing/building a ceramic
> car
> engine to run at higher temperatures. Not sure what became of that, but I
> suspect it wasn't tough enough to handle a continuous stream of mechanical
> shocks.
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