From: Jed Rothwell


There is an interesting paper by Accomazzi on binuclear hydrogen (hydrogen-like 
helium) which Bob Cook and anyone looking for a proton-paring scenario can 

Together with Mills and Holmlid, this is appealing an one can cherry-pick. 

“Binuclear atoms are metastable configurations in which two nuclei are held 
together by the electronic energy
of the orbiting electrons in an atomic-like configuration. The hydrogen– 
hydrogen helium-like Binuclear atom
(H+H+)2e- is explicitly predicted to exist, although the activation energy 
required for its formation ( 30 eV)
is extremely high for ordinary chemistry, so that it can only be formed under 
very special conditions such as
the ones occurring inside a dense collisional cascade. 

The (H+H+)2e-Binuclear atom is predicted to be metastable with a remarkably 
high activation energy (of several electron volts) for its dissociation. In the
(H+H+)2e-Binuclear atom, the electronic energy is not a constant of motion and 
is coupled with the nuclear kinetic energy… 

The first graph is telling and has been replicated apparently

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