Apparently the demo will be taking place at 10am in the Royal Swedish Academy 
of Engineering.
You can see it streamed at ~ noon EST at or 
from which the following notes were taken.

 What is already known about E-Cat QX?
During the last year Andrea Rossi on several occasions has released carefully 
selected information from his R&D work with the  QX heat generator. Below are 
some statements recently compiled from his blog and his latest scientific 

QX (earlier named by Rossi “Quark X”) is a very small cylinder shaped plasma 
reactor generating large amounts of excess heat (0-100%), light (0-50%)and 
electricity (0-10%).
QX data- length 10mm-diameter 5mm- default output power 20W
An activated QX contains a plasma between two LiAlH4 charged nickel rods
QX plasma is charge neutral (Van de Graaff behaviour) ,  with voltage drop like 
an electrical conductor made by silver (Ag)
QX plasma default temperature –  >2300 Celsius
QX reactor default input power –  0.01W  (0.1V DC-0.1A)
QX power default power density – 30W/cm-3
Large output power can be obtained with combining many QX in a stack
1 MW power of QX stack  fits within 1 cubic meter (excl. heat exchanger)
QX modules will be reloaded in factory exchange system
Work on QX is now moving towards phase of industrialization with assistance of 
Hydrofusion and unknown partner(s) .
QX will be mass manufactured  by ABB robots. First factories will be placed in 
USA and Sweden.
Market introduction only after full economy of scale production is ready
On Nov 11 2017 the one year reliabilty test of QX reached Sigma 5 wich 
according Rossi secures following performance properties:
– COP is higher that 50 (>20000 calculated from latest experiement)
–  Tested QX supplied 20W heat power continuously in a year
–  QX functions totally at least one year (8760 hours) on one charge
–  QX charge will last 10 years with 10% intermittent use
–  QX units are possible to control
–  No harmful radiation is present
–  No risk for run away or melt down
R&D  is started to adapt QX based heater to Stirling engine within a year
Universal mobile QX engine is in plans

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