Video of demonstration:

Funny that few comments are coming out on this - other than from Mats, who 
would benefit if this demo meant anything positive.
In fact, it is not a demo in any real sense … it is disappointing theatre to 
all but the Rossi-flock.  In no way does this salvage Rossi’s credibility with 
scientists, nor that of Levi and the Swedes, who still look like dupes who 
should, but will not, retract their egregious errors at Lugano.
There is no useful information being supplied which can lead to verification or 
replication. Voltage appears to have been estimated from resistance… with 
pulsed power, that is a no-no and thus the input could have been hundreds of 
times greater than suggested. Why not measure input power at the plug and 
include the cooling power since it is required?
Given Rossi’s three decade long record of fraud and deceit as a backdrop – 
either independent replication or a commercial product will be the only thing 
that can help.
So far, this is little more than a crude repeat of the past 6 years except now 
there is even less relevant information to use in replication than with the 
past failures. Few will waste their time.

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