Rossi's theory

The paper presented by Carl-Oscar Gullstrom has now been published on the
Journal of Nuclear Physics here:

The presentation of Carl-Oscar Gullstrom at the November 24 E-Cat QX
presentation, which was omitted from the official early videos released on
the official Ecat YouTube channel has now been published as a separate

The link is here:

Axil's theory

In a nutshell, I believe that the thrust of Rossi’s theory is going in the
right direction. But the details are not correct. At the bottom of the
cause of LENR is a Quark transformation reaction produced by magnetic field
lines that increase the energy/mass of the quark causing them to change
flavors. Monopole magnetism causes quarks to increase in energy/mass by
adding to the spin of the quark. The quarks in the protons and neutrons are
transformed into strange and charm quarks that produce mesons (Kaons) that
then decay into pions and muons and eventually electrons. The mechanism of
monopole magnetic field line production is produced by entangled
nanoparticles that condense from metal vapor produced by the plasma in
Rossi’s QX and metalized hydrogen in Holmlid’s reaction

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