BTW here is another datum in the quest for provable LENR using superwaves, and 
it is a GRANTED US patent which cites the Dardik patent

Nicolas Chauvin inventor. Low energy nuclear thermoelectric system  - Abstract
A low energy nuclear thermoelectric system for a vehicle which provides a 
cost-effective and sustainable means of transportation for long operation range 
with zero emission using an onboard low energy nuclear reaction thermal 

The USPTO is so unfriendly with anything which mentions LENR by name that 
getting this one granted is almost a miracle in itself.


Bob… Have you (or MFMP) experimented with any variation of the Dardik superwave?

I think it is more than coincidence that Rossi, Brillouin, Kimmel, Energetics 
etc, etc have employed interfering waveforms as the input power.

Even if Rossi’s recent effort was a null result, it is true that his PS seems 
unusually lossy. 

Sadly, that is the most hopeful thing that anyone can honestly say about it….

From: Bob Higgins

➢ the demo served no net purpose - except possibly to those there that were 
granted greater access to the data.  You and I should take it as a presumed 
null experiment since there was inadequate data shared to show any XE.

JonesBeene wrote:

➢ The most important Euro Patent from Dardik, El-Boher et al entitled "Pulsed 
low energy nuclear reaction power generators" EP 1656678 B1 with a grant date 
of 2004. This is also known as the "superwave" patent. It is similar and 
precedes the Brillouin IP - and will also rain on the Godes parade, if it turns 
out that structured waveforms are the key to success.

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