Just got this notice again from Quora; I am once again in the top ten writers 
category for time dilation and my total views have now surpassed 10,000 ! 
None of the other writers on relativity will consider or make comments on this 
NEW concept and proof of 3 phase relativistic effects. Some people say I am an 
idiot for not making paragraphs. Here are the other top nine writers which 
changes on a daily basis since it is a 30 day average. That means tommorow I 
may not be on this list.
One person so liked my views on 9/11 that they rewrote the thing with 
paragraghs and had me edit it accordingly. Actually I think Quora writings do 
not allow for paragraph indentations,instead you must use spacings.
They use a goat to lead the sheep following it at the slaughterhouse, and then 
they divert the goat at the last minute so they can use him again.

People are sheeple.

The goat is the perfessor that explains to the sheep how great a place the 
slaughterhouse is. They make recordings of the perfessor explaining how 
impossible things are possible and play the recording over and over again as 
the sheep are led to the slaughterhouse.

The slaughterhouse is your news media.

Sooner or later the sheeple can't think for themselves anymore and they accept 
and obey. They are actually afraid of the consequences of realizing the truth, 
because they are holding onto their precious delusions for life.

Simply put these so-called intelligent people are too scared to look at the 
other possibility of a vast conspiracy, because it would destroy their precious 
preconceptions of how things should be. They live in a shell of their own 
making and cannot see outside of themselves.

So you have answered your own question here. The people who you assumed to be 
intelligent are actually the ostriches sticking their heads in the sand so they 
won't see what they are told not to see. They obey their orders just like the 
school children being told not to write in cursive.

It is more important to take orders than to think for yourself. So now you have 
learned something about humanity, the truly intelligent people are very unique 
in that they question authority and they are probably not a majority, but a 

George Orwell also gave the answer in 1984.

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”
 Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances 

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