For every delusional inventor there are an unlimited and unfettered number of 
delusional self-serving pundits who demand that their mere thoughts having no 
pedigree other than their anonymous keyboard pecking are more than equal to any 
inventors efforts. The crisis of social media is that it allows the fallacy of 
such babbling to appear in the ‘balance.’ The infinite number of puppy mills 
that have bastardized the system of academia into a system where doting parents 
buy their dotard children yet another nice sticker albeit in the form of a 
school certificate has overwhelmed true scientific investigation burying the 
signal of invention in the noise of the delusional.


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Despite the alarms we constantly hear, the risk of high level interference with 
advanced technology (even LENR) is not huge – at least due to competitors in 
the energy sector. 


The problem is that most overlooked technology simply DOES NOT work except in 
the mind of a delusional inventor. If it works, the top level interference will 
be minimal.


The problems will not come from the energy sector itself – in fact those guys 
will be clamoring to buy-in early to any “real” LENR technology, since the one 
thing they have in excess is money and the one thing they lack is foresight. 
Watch out for a few impediments, however, but probably not at the Federal 
level. A few states could get involved as has happened in the past.


Case in point: Apple. 




Apple issued its IPO to the public on this day in 1980.  The famous 1984 TV 
Commercial came later.


The Officials in only one state would not permit individual investors to buy 
Apple stock. Many of the other early computer pioneers were located in Mass 
(Data General, Digital Equipment Corporation, etc now defunct).


For Shame ! Almost unbelievable but true. One look at Woz, in the days of 
Archie Bunker … well … the lesson here is clear. You cannot judge a book by its 
cover, as they say, and Apple’s cover story was iffy.


The messages is that the top stock experts in the second most advanced 
technology state completely blew it -- and denied any ownership to their 
citizens of the most valuable stock ever issued, from the most valuable company 
ever formed - having surpassed the oil giant Exxon, which is itself almost 


If you have something real in alternative energy, the problem will probably not 
be coming from Rick Perry at DoE and his dumb-and-dumber associates. 


But for sure, they will not help either. Apple is a good role model.







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