➢ What bothered me most, is that the device is a "one shot", IOW it gets 
and replaced with each reaction. Now I haven't run the numbers, but intuitively
I suspect that the cost of the little device is going to exceed the monetary
value of the energy produced in a single shot.


This fellow Hora is nearby to you in NSW, no ? Does he have a good reputation?

The added fabrication cost for targets would be true even of the ‘hohlraum’ as 
used at Livermore with the gigantic laser. A mass production robotic factory 
would need to be nearby to make the targets.

If we are to believe the estimates, apparently he suggests that 10^e5 more 
energy per pulse can be had than with current systems which require many 
explosions per second.

He is talking about one explosion per second – which is about 30 million per 
year. If each target costs 10 cents, that is an extra 3 million of added cost, 
or if it is one dollar per target, then 30 Million/year just for targets.

If the capacity is one gigawatt and the electricity price to the customer 
brings in 5 cents per kWhr, then the income from operations is $400,000,000 
Even at one dollar per target the cost of mass produced devices is manageable 
for that amount of cash flow … if the assumption of a gigawatt power plant can 
operate at one pulse per second. 

See reference 45 where he outlines the details of a running system - which are 
not completely clear.

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