I think fast breeders generally use a liquid metal as a coolant.  That is not 
nice to repair or refuel.  It leaves a mess to cleanup in the end.

A light water breeder like that in the last Shipping Port reactor is a better 
bet that can be back-fitted into light pressurized water reactors.  It bread 
Th-232 to U-233 and was proven to work in the late 1960’s early 70’s.

Any fission reactor LEAVES A MESS for future generations, including the fast 
breeders.  And they have less intrinsic nuclear (physics) safety than thermal 
light water reactors to avoid operating accidents.

IMHO India and China do not have the managerial safety ethic to handle the 
large fission reactor technology they are betting on.   I hope they give up and 
focus on LENR R&D.

I would love to see their safety analyses for the new reactor.  I bet it has 
all sort of holes similar to the design assumptions the Japanese folks found 
satisfactory for Fukushima.  The first issue is siting it near a large 
population—idiocy IMHO.   An exclusion zone of 100 km would be warranted to 
start with.

Bob Cook


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India about to step up its renewable energy game

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