From: Dr. Mitchell Swartz 

The first ad hoc CF/LANR/LENR Colloquium of this year
will be at noon, January 12, 2018 at MIT, Cambridge, Friday.

If any CF/LANR/LENR experimentalist is interested in 
contributing, and also presenting some of their ongoing 
CF/LANR efforts, send email to me or Peter Hagelstein.


Dr. Mitchell Swartz, 
 “Monitoring Deep Hydrogen Loading and its Linkage to Excess Heat”

Prof. Peter Hagelstein
  "Update on steel plate experiments"

Florian Metzler 
"Metallurgical properties of steel relevant to phonon-nuclear coupling"

Jeff Driscoll 
 “Calibration of a Hydrogen/Argon Gas Phase LENR Experiment”

Dr. Mitchell Swartz
   “NanorSat Spacecraft”


"Discovery is dangerous… but so is life. 
  A man unwilling to take risk is doomed never to learn, 
  never to grow, never to live. "
  -  Planetologist Pardot Kynes

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