There are 49 elements in this category but only  a few have significant binding 

“Atoms which can bind positrons”
C. Harabati, V. A. Dzuba, and V. V. Flambaum

School of Physics, University of New South Wales, Sydney 2052, Australia

Calculations of the positron binding energies to all atoms in the periodic 
table are presented and atoms where the positron-atom binding actually exists 
are identified.

Executive summary: barium has the strongest binding energy for positrons.

Speculation alert: Why this may be of interest.

 The soluble salt of barium with iodine, when used as an electrolyte could be a 
candidate for energetic  interaction with an “aether” composed of positronium 
(having a binding energy equal to that of iodine). 

Such an aether would include the quantum foam of Wheeler, for which there is 
some proof. There could be an interface to the aether (aka “quantum foam) which 
is accessible from 3-space. This assumes that actual annihilation of electrons 
and positrons is quite rare under ambient conditions, which appears to be the 

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