Only 7.5% of electricity in France comes from fossil fuel, so this is not
so difficult for them:

I expect they can install enough solar and wind to make up for it by 2021.
I am sure they could install enough natural gas generators.

In the U.S. and China, coal consumption is way down. Coal is back to level
it was in 1980, 15 quads, after peaking around 22 quads in 2009. It is
still falling rapidly. See:

You can see the exact numbers by moving the cursor on the lines on this
graph. For 2016, it shows coal at 14.2 quads, versus 10.1 quads for
renewables (including hydroelectricity, which I believe they convert with
some kind of fudge factor).

You can change the display data categories, range of dates, and type of
graph here to show all kinds of nifty stuff.

- Jed

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