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Hi Eric,
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>...which would make sense if light simply followed the curvature of space.
>The curvature of spacetime is perhaps an abstraction that gets in the way
>of understanding in this instance.  It is equivalent to the gravitational
>influence of two or more bodies on one another.  Having a massive body be
>able to tug on a photon, while the photon does not tug on the massive body
>in the opposite direction, reminds me vaguely of a description of a rowboat
>with oars, where the rower is somehow able to use the oars to push the boat
>forward, while the water is not pushed in the opposite direction.
>I suspect that if one ponders the suggestion of light not having
>"gravitational mass" long enough, it should be possible to come up with an
>experiment that will demonstrate a violation of conservation of momentum.

.. go right ahead. :)


Robin van Spaandonk

local asymmetry = temporary success

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