The forces are different by 10*36, so comparisons are impossible to measure.

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Subject: Re: [Vo]:No mass !?! Dirac electrons

>From the patent... "a free electron has inertial mass but not gravitational 
>mass."  and "Thus, a free electron is not gravitationally attracted to 
>ordinary matter. "

Really?  Can that really add up?

Pretty sure this is not very much in agreement with conventional theory.

John Berry

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There is a fair amount of both brilliance (cough, cough) and silliness in Mills 
hand-waving. His misidentification of the Higgs boson is in the later category.

As for the “antigravity electron” see his patent app (thanks to the spice man 
for this)

Patent WO1995032021A1 - Apparatus and method for providing an antigravitational 

The bigger question is: if this antigravity claim works why has NASA and the 
Pentagon ignoredthemt?

And while we are at it: Why did NASA drop the hydrino rocket? BLP did not even 
get to Phase two on that one. Where is the CIHT battery? Where is the reverse 

Plus, in spite of his own genius - Mills fails to give Dirac and other credit 
and ignores emerging findings in physics when he cannot adequately rationalize 
them into his so-called classical view..A fair appraisal is that he is a 
creative genius on paper, but a lousy inventor. He simply cannot put good ideas 
into practice, despite throwing $150 million (or more) at the problem. He is 
great fund-raiser but after all these years there is not a satisfactory 
independent replication, nor a real sample of hydrinos to test.

The sun-cell will most likely be yet another failure in this long list. If so, 
he will move on to the next round of funding without a real explanation of why 
it failed.

Hopefully, in a few years other will be able to push Holmlid’s similar work 
into practice. All Mills can do then is to say “told you so” and claim to have 
been the first …


For a nice qualitative summary of Mill’s theory see the following link:<>

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