>>black hole.
Crothers points out what mainstream says about black holes doesn't make sense:
Stephen Crothers on Black Hole`s

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Stephen Crothers on Black Hole`s
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 Hi Robin,
I've followed up on our question about photons having gravitational influence 
by reading up on some threads on PhysicsForums and posing a question of my own. 
 The conclusion that classical beams of light bend spacetime is a 
straightforward for mainstream physics; namely, they do.  (Do individual 
photons bend light?  Probably, but to be determined.)  How much does light bend 
gravity?  In an answer to my question about the annihilation photons and the 
black hole, assuming there is no firewall, one respected member of the forum 
appears to agree with me that they have the same affect on gravity as the 
masses of the electron and positron prior to entering the black hole.
We are left to wonder whether Mills in his boundless and admirable ambition has 
set out to revise not only quantum mechanics but general relativity as well.

My question about the black 

Posts about photons, light and 


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