I am working on a large document. It is 300 pages so far. It is a
collection of letters, most of them provided by Melvin Miles.


Fleischmann, M. and M. Miles, Letters from Martin Fleischmann to Melvin
Miles 2018: LENR-CANR.org


Rothwell, J.
Carter, R. (a.k.a. Ruby Carat)

Comments added to the text by Melvin Miles and Michael McKubre


Correspondence between Martin Fleischmann and Melvin Miles, from 1992 to
2005. Some additional letters and faxes from Stanley Pons, Jed Rothwell and

These letters were preserved on paper. Many are faxes, meaning they are
difficult to read. They have been converted to Microsoft Word format using
OCR programs and voice input. These methods introduced many transcription
errors. Finding the errors is tedious and time-consuming. If anyone would
like to assist with the proofreading please contact me. I will provide you
with a copy of the Microsoft Word document and the scanned images of the
original documents.

This may take weeks more if I do it myself. If I get some help it will be
ready to upload sooner.

This document is depressing, but it is important original-source history.

- Jed

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