Indeed I am confused by the Lion which is why I am helping perform some careful 
control experiments to sort it all out. Looking first of course to hot copper 
oxide chemistry as the obvious factor that is clearly engaged. Cooked and now 
cooking are quite a number of close approximations of the Lion device and 
conditions, all sans the fusion fuel. Soon some fuelled replications will be in 
the ‘easy bake oven’… The lonely overstuffed arm chair has been jilted for the 
slimmer lab stool.  There are  sound cold fusion paths in these very hot 
deuterated environs where the elusive aspects of atom-ecology can be studied. 
Stay tuned as the data will soon be able to speak for itself rather than being 
represented by the soothsayers and tea leave readers. 


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I wonder if "the  fervent practice of conflation" means that the fusion meme 
that has been the mainstay of LENR theory for so long should now be retooled to 
somehow  fit into an as of yet unfathomable  understanding of the LION reactor 
meltdown. Russ is among those who are clearly confused by the LION reactor 
meltdown. Here is his analysis as follows:


Melting Miasma - The intact Kanthal wire is a witness to the temperature not 
reaching the melting point of kanthal which is listed as being 1500 C. The 
alumina block melts above 2000 C, the quartz melts at just under 1700 C. So if 
the quartz melted likely the kanthal which was in contact with the quartz might 
be expected to melt, not seen. Surely the alumina foam which was outside of the 
quartz melting at 2000 C would not 'melt' without the intervening kanthal 
showing melting which would occur at 1500 C. If during the oxidation of the 
copper that is clearly apparent, that very hot copper oxidation process was 
capable of perhaps breaking the quartz and that copper oxide invaded the 
surrounding materials it might well have bonding with all. Copper oxide melts 
at 1326 C. Copper melts at 1085 C. Nickel melts at 1455 C, don't forget the 
tiny 2.5 mm diameter 10 micron thick nickel pads with the diamonds attached to 
them that are the purported fuel are clearly seen and did NOT melt. Nor did the 
stainless steel bolt that plugged the reactor tube, stainless steels melt 
between 1400-1500 C depending on the alloy.

All theses known materials and melting points bear witness to many temperatures 
that might have been reached in the hot 'reaction' zone. In the 'dummy' test 
runs conducted at Alan's, the maker of the tube furnace test bed, at 1000 C. in 
these dummy runs without any anomalous fuels, aka the nickel diamond discs, the 
aggressive hot chemistry of the copper oxide and is very clearly seen. It has 
fused/bonded itself to the quartz for example. The silver foil that underlaid 
the copper wire winding at the distal end has a melting point 961 C, is 
apparent this temperature was reached as the silver appears to have moved by 
capillary action into the copper/copper oxide material and also appears to have 
been an effective brazing metal on the quartz, something it is known to do in 
common practice when making metal seals on quartz lab wear. All, or almost all, 
the copper was converted to copper oxide at 1000 C, this was not the case in a 
duplicate test at 800 C where considerable of the copper wire remained as metal 
though it was oxidized on the surface. The replication with power and thermal 
data may tell the tale, patience is going to be required before we might make 
sense of this miasma. Hopefully no one reports seeing the 'face of Jesus' in 
the miasma before the replication and more extensive data is in hand, that 
would really confuse matters.



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What’s to discuss other than perhaps something about the diagnostic incite 
offered by fervent practice of conflation.


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This forum is rather silent about the LION experiments, currently being 
examined by MFMP... Anyone care to comment?


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