Your preaching to the chorus Jed.  For every ton of Coal put through the
process of combustion, 2 tons of CO2 are produced.  To maintain a
tolaratable CO2 level if projected into future, requires coal usage to
nullified.  And with coal it can be nullified and counter balanced with
renewables certainly.   As you move up the food chain of petrol energy, it
will be harder to replace.   So from coal to oils, to gas, all need and
have replacements with renewables of more and more sophistication.
Eventually all of the metropolitans societies will need to be 100% electric
to even approach metro zones of carbon neutrality.  The time that requires
is the question isn't it?  Will mankind recognize our desperate situation
in time?

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 9:34 PM, Jed Rothwell <> wrote:

> Here is something I did not know.
> The accident rate in mines has continued to decline, but this article says
> that more eastern miners are coming down with black lung disease these
> days, because there is less coal and it is more difficult to extract.
> "Black lung cases in Appalachia coal miners in those three clinics had
> skyrocketed. The disease was more severe. And coal miners were dying much
> younger than they had been two decades ago. . . .
> The most likely causes are the miners’ working longer hours and their
> exposure to deadlier silica dust from cutting into rock to extract coal
> from thinner, harder-to-reach seams. The days of mining for readily
> available coal are long gone. It’s more difficult, and seemingly more
> costly to miners’ health, to extract coal in Appalachia now."

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