many things governement do are not done because it is good or bad for a
supreme interest of the Nation, or of a big lobby, but because the worker
want to avoid troubles, please his boss, get a promotion, or sometime a
crazy desire by this lone worker to make world better as he imagine it.
the problem is when this lone worker is a boss, he can engage an agency in
something great or evil, if he succeed in making the interests of his
subordinates matching his great idea.

There is no NASA/NSA/DoE/USPTO plan, just various people having various
ambition, fears, and hope.

fear is a great motive for most people...

2018-02-22 0:16 GMT+01:00 Jed Rothwell <>:

> <> wrote:
> Oak Ridge has LENR categorized as Battelle confidential or has a dark
>> government classified program regarding LENR or cold fusion as it is
>> commonly called.  Their action to remove the reference is telling IMHO
> How do you know this? If it is classified or "dark government," how did
> you find out about it? That would be secret, would it not?
> I have a low regard for the government's ability to keep secrets, and for
> the quality of its secrets, because my late father was in the intelligence
> business during and after WWII. He once told me:
> "if you ever get into the most secret room of the State Department, and
> you open the most secret file cabinet and look in the most secret drawer,
> you will find a dried up apple and an old newspaper."
> In the movie Dr. Strangelove, toward the end the Americans ask the Soviet
> ambassador where he got all of his sensitive secret information. He says,
> "our source was the New York Times." My mother heard that and said "that
> sounds about right."
> As far as I know, when references to cold fusion have disappeared from
> government agencies, news articles and the like, that has been because
> people were embarrassed by the topic, or because the top brass was
> infuriated by it. That happened in some Navy research labs.
> - Jed

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