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> Do ”dark projects” exist in the National Labs? Of course they do.

Yes, of course they do. But we don't hear about them because they are dark.

We sometimes hear about them long after they finish. It turns out most of
them are a waste of money. But that is true of most R&D projects, both
light and dark, government and industrial.

My guess is that dark projects are more prone to be a waste, because they
are not reviewed or critiqued by a wide range of people. Most of the secret
projects I have heard about in cold fusion were a waste. Most scientific
secrets are not worth keeping secret, and not worth knowing about. Secret
business plans that I have heard of usually turn out to be stupid.

A famous example of a dark project that was a waste of time & money was
when the CIA raised a sunken Russian submarine K129, with help from Howard
Hughes. I read that by the time they recovered it, the technology was long
obsolete and they learned nothing of importance. That was in the book
"Blind Man's Bluff" as I recall.

- Jed

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