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Fleischmann, M. and M. Miles, *Letters from Martin Fleischmann to Melvin
Miles*, 2018, LENR-CANR.org.


471 pages


This is a collection of letters between Martin Fleischmann, the
co-discoverer of cold fusion, and Melvin Miles, who was one of the first to
replicate the effect at the Naval Weapons Center, China Lake laboratory. It
also includes some correspondence with Stanley Pons and various other
people. The collection spans 13 years, from 1992 to 2005. Fleischmann and
Miles coauthored several papers, including some with other researchers
associated with the U.S. Navy, notably Pamela Mosier-Boss, Stanislaw Szpak
and Ashraf Imam. Most of these papers are about calorimetry.

The abstract makes it sound dull. It is mostly dull, but it is leavened
with some . . . candid statements by Fleischmann. Outspoken statements.
Even a few *sensational* statements.

- Jed

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