I have uploaded a few old papers lately. I may upload some more. Let me

Here is Peter Hagelstein's favorite index to LENR-CANR.org:


The papers are listed by first author in alphabetical order.

Many of the papers are not on file. The first 12 are not on file. Number 13
Accomazzi is on file. You can see the abstract and hyperlink is shown. Thanks
to Dieter Britz and Ed Storms, I have copies of most of the ones that are
listed but not on file. If you would like a copy of one, you should contact
Dieter, or Abd, who I believe is now the keeper of the flame. You could
contact me, but they may have better copies.

I have not uploaded papers for various reasons, such as:

   1. They are protected by copyright which the publishers wish to enforce.
   In some cases they contacted me and asked me to remove papers.
   2. Some of the authors did not grant permission.
   3. I did not think the paper was worth bothering with.

If you see a paper in this list which you think it should be uploaded to
LENR-CANR.org, let me know.

Many of my copies are of poor quality. Years ago it was a lot of tedious
work to convert them into readable text. In many cases I had to type the
whole thing over again. When I prepared the Fleischmann letters for
publication, I found that the latest version of OCR, Acrobat and voice
input programs do a better job than they used to. They were still not up to
converting Fleischmann's faxes, but they can handle blurry text better than
they used to.

So, if you would like to see a paper uploaded, let me know. Especially if
you are volunteering to help proofread the paper before I upload it.

- Jed

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