The COP of the Brillouin reactor is now been verified to be under 1.5...
nearly useless. If I remember correctly, MFMP produced over unity heat in
some of their experiments but not very much. The same low COP issue arose
in the Lugano demo. Low COP is a big problem for LENR. Most of the energy
produced by LENR comes in the form of sub atomic particle generation which
includes huge numbers of neutrinos. In the LENR reaction, the heat is
provided by a minor energy channel involving hawking radiation. The
Brillouin reactor is most likely pumping out a ton of sub atomic particles
as seen in the experiments of Holmlid. Those particles need to be converted
to heat. Therefore, the heat rich LENR reactor should be surrounded by a
blanket of molten lead or thorium salt to capture muons that will catalyze
muon fission. But this type of fission will produce a ton of neutrons
similar to a hot fusion reactor. The dream of a LENR reactor in your
basement might well be impossible unless Rossi has found a way to increase
the proportion of the reaction energy to be radiated in the form of heat.

To verify if this opinion is well founded, a LENR reactor should be
surrounded in lead blocks up to a foot thick. We should see a large flux of
neutrons produced by the lead.

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