1.  What are the anode and cathode made of?  I bet the anode is a Ni alloy.
  2.  What are the ions in the plasma  double layer—particularly the positive 
  3.  What is the photo spectrum of the positive ion zones of the double layers?
  4.  What happens if D is substituted for the H in the pressurized anode?
  5.  What high energy spectrum is seen during the large energy releases?
  6.  Are the isotopes of the elements seen during mass spec work normal or are 
there certain isotopes seen for the various elements being detected?
  7.  Why do they not identify the papers on LENR that Toyota etal., have put 
  8.  How did they measure the effect of gravity being zero?

They should have the answers to all these questions, given their apparent 
scientific expertise onboard.
The angular momentum associated with the various spherical double layers should 
be determined.

The double layers of the plasma seem like they are a separate coherent system 
coupled by a magnetic field via the intrinsic spin of the electrons and the 
various positive ions, whatever they are—probably hydrogen.

Since the double layers form with both hollow and solid anodes, I would bet the 
Ni alloy is loaded with hydrogen to start.  The hollow anodes can be 
replenished with H a it leaks into the plasma and the inside of the reactor.

IMHO it sounds like LENR.

Bob Cook

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Subject: RE: [Vo]:Re: LENR is occurring in SAFIRE

Why is this not a glorified Farnsworth Fusor?

The basic configuration, voltage and electrode placement is similar, as are the 
outputs including production of He3 and neutrons.

Did they even credit Farnsworth? He invented the desktop electric plasma 
machine with spherical plasma and self-focusing. These guys added some nice 
computer controls and a wealth of self-promotion - but is there a fundamental 
improvement in operation ?

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Here is the written report that accompanies the SAFIRE video presentation.

On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 11:05 AM, Axil Axil 
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The SAFIRE project got kicked in the teeth with LENR. These professional 
scientists really don't know what is going on. Just like in the SunCell, 
tungsten vaporizes in nanoseconds. Like the Hutchison effect, tungsten turns 
into powder. This video is long but if you are interested in LENR, it is worth 
the time. The LENR stuff starts at 33:00, but if you don't know what SAFIRE is, 
watch it from the beginning. If you are interested in the weird stuff that MFMP 
is finding, you will find more of it in this video. At 1:03:18, there is a 
large power discharge that the presenter did not want to talk about, but in 
past presentations, the output form these energy bursts was up to 20,000,000 
watts and He3 was found, I have a felling that the SAFIRE project is in the 
process of patenting the fusion effects. The researchers may be going dark on 
this process. SAFIRE has opened the door to a new way to do plasma fusion 
without radiation and neutrons.


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