Here is one general relationship which may enter into this discussion. When 
metals -  or any electrical conductors - are heated they become more resistive, 
not less. As they are cooled they become more conductive. If any experiment 
depends on electrical input, as do all electrolysis experiments, then the 
unavoidable result is that nascent positive thermal feedback to the overall 
system reduces conductivity which reduces current delivered. The early stage of 
positive feedback is either squelched or proceeds to failure if it is strong 

Of course, there is a unique claim for one LENR system which needs only thermal 
input – the original Rossi device, which is the only system which can truly 
benefit from positive feedback. In fact, his E-Cat system demands it. 
Electrical loss from higher resistivity is avoided. 

There is a preferred and well-known negative  temperature feedback mechanism in 
normal electrodynamics but there can be a blip in the curve having DIFFERENTIAL 
positive feedback, as in Miles case, where  things would be reversed from the 
normal state in a narrow range. It could lead to a runaway or meltdown if it 
was  more than a blip.  There are four or five examples of runaways over the 
last 28 years. Because of rarity, the runaway has not been harnessed to 
increase COP since it is rare, unpredictable and uncontrollable other than in 
Rossi’s claim. 

Thus - there is no evidence of positive feedback being useful except for the 
infamous wet steam device and its successors  which were claimed to run on 
thermal input. NO ONE ELSE has made this claim-  other than Rossi. Miles may 
see differential positive thermal feedback over a part of the curve but he 
could not capitalize on it for increased COP.

If feedback is not predictable or controllable then it clearly isn’t going to 
be integrated in a system in order to produce higher COP in the last stage 
which was Alain’s original presumption. Rossi provides the only evidence for 
positive thermal feedback leading to higher COP.

Anyone who accepts  the positive feedback modality should realize that it  
comes with a lot of baggage.

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