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The Alan/Russ experiment has been conducted by young plasma students for over a 
100 years. This goes to show that there is not much new under the Sun. The glow 
tube experiment is a demonstration of the Goldstein–Wehner law.




Plasma Theory for Undergraduate Education - Missouri S&T


More info here


The SAFIRE experiment is the spherical version of this plasma tube experiment. 
The Double layers are produced in the plasma tube as well as in the spherical 
SAFIRE mode. What Alan did with the metal foil is identical to what SAFIRE did 
by inserting the Langmuir Probe into the double layer. The two experiments 
produced the same LENR effect when the metal was inserted into the double 
layer. In both these systems, the interaction between the metal and the double 
layer is to produce a population of surface plasmon polaritons that merge to 
generate a polariton BEC.


In this plasmoid generation mode of the LENR reaction where the petal 
Condensate intercepts the energy output that the double layer reaction 
produces, that energy is reformatted in the singular way that the petal 
condensate is constrained to produce as a analog black hole. That reformatting 
process includes a very wasteful segment of the total output. The condensate 
produces muons (aka Meshuganon) with that fraction of total output energy that 
is essentially lost to the far field. Muons has a long delay time and they 
travel a long way from the place in which they were created. As Alan has 
observed, the generation of gamma radiation when the tube is heavily shielded 
is a sure sign that muons are being produced by the inserted metal surface.


In the SAFIRE reaction, no condensate is formed and therefor all the energy 
that the LENR reaction produces in the formation of helium is retained as heat 
output. I predict that Helium 3 will be detected in a spectrogram of the gases 
in the glow tube over some extended period of its operation. Excess heat will 
also be produced by the glow tube in the same why that SAFIRE produces excess 


Alan/Russ should take the glow tube experiment to ICCF-21. The SAFIRE people 
will greatly profit from the Muon demo.


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