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Fixing it requires a change in the culture of collecting waste in a number
> of Asian and African countries.

Maybe not culture so much as garbage trucks and waste handling facilities.

Japan is Asian. In the 1960s and 70s when I first went there, the streets
were filthy and air pollution was unbearable. Nowadays it is much cleaner.
Not because of a change in culture. Just because they passed laws and built
proper waste handling facilities. You might say they "cracked down" on
corporate polluters. It does not look that way to me. I know several
biologists and natural scientists who helped enforce the new laws in the
Inland Sea area around Hiroshima. They said the corporations were happy to
along with the regulations. As long as their competition had to follow the
same rules, and pay the same expenses, they didn't care. The only problem
the regulators had were with small companies and mom & pop businesses.

I described the reduced pollution in Japan here, on p. 126:

- Jed

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