During ICCF-21, Mike McKubre commented that what we need are more recipes
for cold fusion experiments. I know of two recipes:

Cravens, D. *Factors Affecting Success Rate of Heat Generation in CF Cells*.
in *Fourth International Conference on Cold Fusion*. 1993. Lahaina, Maui:
Electric Power Research Institute 3412 Hillview Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304.


Storms, E., *How to produce the Pons-Fleischmann effect*. Fusion Technol.,
1996. *29*: p. 261.


I asked people if they knew of any others. Dennis Cravens and Dennis Letts
(D1 and D2) said they have one. They sent it to me, and I just uploaded it:

Letts, D. and D. Cravens. *Cathode fabrication methods to reproduce the
Letts-Cravens effect (paper and PowerPoint slides)*. in *5th Asti Workshop
on Anomalies in Hydrogen / Deuterium loaded Metals*. 2004. Asti, Italy


This file includes the paper, the PowerPoint slides, and another set of
PowerPoint slides describing the dual laser cell fabrication technique.

- Jed

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