For all of the spin doctors out there on vortex…

There is some new lingo to play with -  a quasiparticle known at the “roton” 
which been shown to violate the 2nd Law – at least in a superfluid.

Actually – the concept is not new – simply ignored over the past few decades
Here is the abstract of the newer work from Nature
A roton is the quantized eigenmode of a freely rotating molecule. Excitations 
with momenta in the linear region are commonly called  phonons; those with 
momenta close to the minimum are called rotons. The main avenue for study of 
rotons has been very cold liquid helium – a superfluid.
If Holmlid is correct, dense hydrogen is also a superfluid - and therefore acts 
as a roton.
Since a roton does not decay – according to the new R&D, it should be able to 
give momentum to phonons and the self-regenerate.
Well… if one can suspend disbelief for long enough it does … but that is kinda 
like the miracle drug that works mainly on rats, not humans.

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