I think that's great that these women are volunteering to make these masks. 
Washable is better. We have really become too much the disposable culture.

Not too sure about women volunteering to grow their hair long to make 
crosshairs for gunsights during WWII, though. I've never heard of that. Most 
women had to cut their hair for safety as they were working in war production 
plants. You know, the Veronica Lake problem. Human hair is too coarse for good 
crosshairs.  How do I know about this?  My father was head of the instrument 
repair division at Camp San Luis Obispo during WWII.  Among other things his 
subordinates had to tend terrariums full of black widows to harvest the web for 
crosshairs. Kind of a creepy job, no? Yeah, I know, far off-topic.

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