Hi Jones,

Good point. I looked at some scap metals web pages to see the inside details of 
some of the older cataytic converters, and their Platinum channels look 
similar... as you pointed out, but there are some differences. All the 
catalytic converters that I saw there had square channels of platinum. 

But Frank's channels were triangular. <><><>
And Frank's parts he described as Ceramic. Could they be carbon or graphite?

Because he said one of them looked burnt or charred on one side.

Maybe it came from the cleanup crew army vehicle. Is it possible the very first 
catalytic converters were built that way-  with a ceramic?
Maybe it was some kind of early heat exchanger... 
or perhaps it was of extraterrestrial origin. 

It needs some testing.


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  Good thing for us tree huggers that those aliens used catalytic converters on 
their UFOs ...     ;-)

  Takes a lot of fuel to get here from Proxima Centauri b and that is a big 

  Actually (before someone brings up the point) - the catalytic converter was 
indeed invented before the Roswell incident.

  Here is the inventor. 


  This is not to suggest that the artifact isn't of extraterrestrial origin...

  Colin Quinney wrote

  Hello Frank,

  (Long time...)

  Thank you for bringing that to our attention. That is truly fascinating. What 
is the story behind the acquisition?

  Has the material been lab tested? Type of ceramic, atomic structure, etc? (I 
wish my late friend Nick Reiter was still alive. He would love to test it.) 

  Have you or anyone else applied any kind of high voltage, or electromagnetic 
energy while weighing the samples?

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    I had a chance to get my hands on the debris.


    Frank Znidarsic

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