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The house has been here for 70 years no collapse yet.  I have found that the 
water only comes out when it has rained a lot.  Its like a rain spout water 
coming out while raining and dry other times.

I have not given up.  I would like to use this water to water a garden net year.

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Hi Frank,
>I jack hammered down 6 feed then I drove a well point the rest of the way in 
>to 21 feet or more.  At first I got this.
>Then a few feet deeper I got this.

You sure you haven't hit a water main? 

...actually, sucking may be due to an underground stream running through a 
space that is larger than it is. As the water
runs through it acts as a sort of vacuum pump.

...too much water...that's what taps are for. :)

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