One additional note: In my terminology x-rays originate from atomic electronic 
structure and gamma ray originate from isotope energy transitions.

Bob Cook

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Confinement Fusion


Peter’s  ideas are not much different tan t mine.  He looked for inner 
electrons of various atoms and their x-ray spectrum that had resonant energy 
transitions  that couple with nuclear gamma isomeric
energy states of a single isotope.

I am not clear if Peter’s model considered all isomeric energies of all nuclear 
species in an entangled  system.

I do not consider that the physical model Peter considers valid for nucleons 
and their pertinence to the structure of larger isotopes matches nine which 
assumes that electrons, positrons and neutrinos are the primary entities that 
make up nucleons and heavier constituent particles.

Bob Cook

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Confinement Fusion wrote:

The reason why there is no gamma stems from the transfer of spin energy in 
small quanta of angular momentum—nuclear to electric—with the same entangled 
system—the crystalline lattice of the host material.  The time frame may be 
very short—less than a femto- second.


OK. How is that explanation different from Hagelstein?

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