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Any ideas as to why they chose Erbium for the host metal?  

I wondered about this too. 

The elements is rare, costly and does not appear in the list of Mills’ 
catalysts (but almost any element can be contorted to be catalytic,, as Mills 
has repeatedly shown).

The one commercial use that appears on a google search for  erbium is that it 
is used in control rods in nuclear reactors.

This means that it has a high cross-section for neutrons - which several 
cheaper elements have… but in this case it could be a cross-section for a 
specific resonance/velocity which no other (cheaper) metal has. 

Perhaps the ability to absorb neutrons of a particular velocity or type – and 
the reason it is used in control rods despite being extremely costly - relates 
to “virtual neutrons” as well?

Or… the cynic might say …  maybe it relates to not wanting replication attempts 
… for whatever reason.

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