Hopeful news ...

Later on today, the President is scheduled to announce a major announcement on 
a breakthrough in Covid therapy. Unlike other recent antibody research - this 
one promises to be far more effective. 

There is a lot of speculation about what this treatment consists of, other than 
it is based on human donor blood antibodies (which approach has not yet lived 
up to expectations) but the Admin is being tight-lipped about the details, 
possibly to maximize the Political impact of such an positive announcement 
(following the once touted quinine disappointment). It would be a boost if true.

Here is the candidate treatment which started with an extraordinary incident, a 
tragedy involving a high rate of infection aboard a fishing vessel in 
Washington State. A couple of the crew however, fortuitously had unusually 
strong antibodies - which on testing have reportedly given the best results of 
any treatment so far. 

The pre-print is here (not yet peer reviewed). The proponents are very 
optimistic which does not show up in the paper.

The News story behind it is here.

I hope this is a true breakthrough and not another false alarm.

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