>  Now try to imagine a
> place where the aether density is less than in the surrounding space.

Well, I know that in a tornado (vortex in air), you get high and low
pressure zones.  That is why, for example, even though the air is moving in
circles parallel with the ground, a house gets sucked *up* the vortex.
Because there is a low pressure zone inside the funnel.

I suppose if you have a vortex made of some other medium than air,
analogous phenomena may occur.  If you have a vortex of "space" or "aether"
or whatever you want to call the medium through which radio waves propagate
-- I guess you could have a low "pressure" zone relative to the surrounding

> If you can pump enough out to equal the weight of the structure, than the
> net weight would be zero. Any less, and it
> would be negative and you would have an anti-gravity device, analogous to
> a hot air balloon, but capable of operating in
> outer space.

I find this fascinating and not ridiculous.  Are you speaking from personal
experience?  I mean, have you operated, or observed the operation, of such
a device?

 Can you of the vortex-l community recommend a good place to publish my

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