<<Hoyle also seemed obsessed with how close he had come to discovering the
cosmic microwave background. It was 1963, and during an astronomy
conference Hoyle fell into a conversation with Robert Dicke, a physicist
who was planning to search for the cosmic microwaves predicted by the big
bang model. Dicke told Hoyle that he expected the microwaves to be about 20
degrees above absolute zero, which is what most theorists were predicting.
Hoyle then told Dicke that in 1941 the Canadian radio astronomer Andrew
McCullough had found interstellar gas radiating microwaves at three
degrees, not 20. >>

As we all know a CMB was found in 1965 but I was not aware that the early
Big Bang theorists predicted a higher temperature for the CMB. I wonder how
this discrepancy was explained by the BB theorists.


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