When I was in elementary school in the late 1950 there was this girl Elaine who 
played a Hammond organ.  It was an impressive thing with two key boards, tone 
peddles, and two sound volume peddles.  It had mechanical sound clog wheels and 
made a wising sound as it was turned on.  A friend of mine has a version of the 
Hammond called the B3.  It is a coveted musical evince.  At this time of COVID 
and nowhere to go I pulled the trigger at Amazon again and bought this B3 
emulator.  I am going to hate paying the next bill. 


I asked my friend with the B3 to review it.  He said that its the B3 alright 
but he could tell it was artificial.  He stated that no one has successfully 
emulated the B3.  His is broke and, of course, he asked me to fix it.  I dont 
want to because I will probably break it more.

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