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Hi Harry,
>As I scan Zoe's various posts and her responses to her critics it seems she
>insists that heat and radiation are related but also maintains that they
>are not equivalent or convertible. She maintains that a body can shine
>alone, but it will only shed heat as well  if a relatively cooler body is
>nearby which can receive it.
Radiation has nothing to do with it at all. If the heat source is the mantel, 
then the source is the mid-Atlantic ridge
where the crust is quite thin, and ocean water is readily heated resulting in 
hot plumes, that are well known to exist
and bring dissolved minerals up to the ocean bottom. This is conduction & 
convection. Nothing to do with radiation.

I don't know whether or not anyone has taken the trouble to calculate the 
amount of heat thus added to the ocean.

BTW the web site you quoted used an erroneous value for the volume of the ocean 
AFAIK. It was too small by a factor of

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