It's out, see below! The CF comic book by Ruby C and Matt Howarth is now for sale at and shipping next week. 5.95BPS or ~$7.65USD, 32pp., "Limited Print Edition" w/thicker cover.

Send copies to just simply everyone?

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on Fri, 11 Sep 2020, Ruby Carat wrote:

I am happy to announce we now have a comic book about cold fusion and U.K. publisher Curtis-Press Publisher of Science will be shipping copies starting Sept. 21.

You can order "Discover Cold Fusion" from their website at The story is an effort to create a narrative about the controversy from the scientist's perspective and expand the awareness of the science to a wider goup.

The beginning of the story is a brief history of various forms of energy that humans have used, and then our heroes are introduced. Artist Matt Howarth does a tremendous job depicting Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons as they discover cold fusion and deal with the consequences.

Attached to this post is a short .pdf with the comic book cover and a

(no, instead see also

couple sample pages. These pages are the most "sciency" that it gets, and there is much of the drama that ensued after the news conference. There are cameos from the whole community of scientists who were first to try to replicate the experiment, though all the characters are more Icon than Individual. Sources for the text are listed on the website

I hope you will all buy lots of copies and give them to your friends, family, and neighbors! Drop one at the dentist office. Mail one to your governing representatives. Drop one at the Boys and Girls Club, the high school science department, the college quad. Comic books are widely read these days by young and old. People will pick it up and check it out for the artwork alone, and get a dose of new science and history along with it.

It is sold in the U.K. at British pounds. Here's a currency converter to help figure the cost. This Limited Print Edition has a slightly harder, laminated cover, different from a regular comic book paper cover, so it is a little more premium quality.

Mike McKubre and Mel Miles consulted and gave lots of suggestions. However, all the story decisions made were mine and the artist's. Any flaws are my own. I hope you will enjoy this educational and fun object d'art and I look forward to your comments. With all that is going wrong in this world, I'm glad to offer something fun to hang our hope on.


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