Sorry you got conned by Microsoft, Frank. Their totalitarian approach to 
computer software is reprehensible. If you don't switch to a Linux OS, you 
should at least download Libre Office, it's free and will pretty much do 
anything you would want in terms of a word processor, spread sheet and the rest.

If you are new to Linux, I would suggest trying out Linux Mint, very user 
friendly and easy to install as dual boot.

Or.....if you want to go total paranoid, like me, you can use a live Linux CD 
with your hard drive unmounted whenever you are in the internet. All the crap, 
cookies, malware and root kits will accumulate in volatile memory until you 
turn off the computer and then it all just evaporates. I get a great deal of 
satisfaction whenever I see a "can't access your profile" notice pop up from a 
web site. I know the bastards have been thwarted once again. 

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