William Happer, one of the Bush admin scientists who led the attack on cold
fusion, is still fighting against science. Still at war with the facts! You
can look him up in the Google customer search box at LENR-CANR.org. He was
in the news again today. See:


"William Happer, a former senior White House adviser and a Princeton
physicist who had gained notoriety in the scientific community for
statements that carbon dioxide was beneficial to humanity, began an effort
last year to ensure that the next National Climate Assessment did not
include worst-case scenarios. Although Mr. Happer left the White House last
year, that effort is continuing, according to three people familiar with
the matter."

You can learn about him by entering "Happer" into the Google Custom search
box at the top of LENR-CANR.org. This turns up documents that say things

". . . Hagelstein remembers Happer, then chairman of the Jasons, telling
him to choose between cold fusion and his membership in the group."

Such a charming person.

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