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What did Mallove say about the experiment at MIT?
BOT: Eugene Mallove accused MIT of publishing fudged experimental findings
to support their early condemnation of the work of Pons and Fleischmann. He
believed that MIT's researchers generated excess heat in their cold fusion
experiment but then altered the findings in their final report. Mallove
claimed that the scientists at MIT's Plasma Fusion Center had a vested
interest in seeing cold fusion fail, as they were receiving significant
federal funding for hot fusion research.
Mallove resigned from his position at MIT and demanded an investigation
into the alleged misconduct. He also accused the university of manipulating
the media and altering data to discredit the work of the Utah scientists.

Is there a paper by Mallove describing this?
BOT: There is no specific paper by Mallove solely focused on this incident
mentioned in the dataset. However, Mallove did submit a 17-page "J'Accuse"
letter to MIT detailing his accusations against the institution and its
researchers. . . .

[The word "J'Acuse" appears nowhere in the LENR-CANR corpus.]

. . . He also wrote letters to MIT's president and assistant to the
president requesting an investigation into the alleged misconduct.
Additionally, Mallove responded to a statement on cold fusion issued by the
MIT News Office in August 1991 with a point-by-point rebuttal.

[Not true. BOT #1 knows better.]


Is there a paper by Mallove describing events at MIT?
BOT: Yes, there is a paper by Mallove that describes events at MIT. The
paper is titled "MIT Special Report" and was published in Infinite Energy
in 1999. The paper explores the major role of MIT in shaping the history of
the investigation of cold fusion. You can find the paper at this URL:

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