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Years ago, I read in a magazine that elliptical motion of atoms resulted in a 
It occurred to me that two synchronized sound sources arranged such that the 
direction of the sound from each was
perpendicular to the other, and with a solid cube placed where the two beams 
crossed, could generate elliptical motion
in the atoms of the solid, if the amplitude of the sound waves was different 
for each sound source.

>When the vertical component of the centrifugal force of the rotating
>eccentric load exceeds the weight of the brick, the brick will move off the
>ground. Non-vertical components will drive the brick horizontally every
>time the net force exceeds the weight of the brick. Two small synchronous
>motors, if properly aligned and fixed to a 1 ton rigid load, could allow it
>to be moved by another small motor. No wheels are required!
>US Patent office refused a patent on this concept, despite seeing an
>operating system with a small example.
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