Robin <> wrote:

> >I exclude robot readers after identifying them by various methods.
> Why would you exclude them? Surely allowing access would ensure that
> people doing searches would be more likely to find
> the site?

Perhaps I should make it clear I am not actually excluding anyone. That is,
blocking anyone. I just mean I am not counting their downloads in the
totals I show at

When you see a website or some PR person describing how many "visits" or
"downloads" there are to a website, you should bear in mind those numbers
are an approximation. The number of visits and "unique visitors" in
particular varies a great deal depending on what you define as a visit. Log
file records are poorly defined and the format is obsolete, so it is
difficult to sort out what is actually happening at a website.

Utility programs such as Weblog Expert and Awstats estimate vastly
different numbers of "visitors." I think I have seen them vary by a factor
of 4.

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